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Health Needs ?

11222222 better understand Understand in order to better resist aging
Today we live longer lives and to cross the decades while staying in good physical and mental health is possible but must be prepared carefully. The aging process, although unavoidable, can indeed be slowed down or accelerated according to each individual’s lifestyle. We all wish to age in good health and maintain an agreeable physical image. The cells composing our body are in constant renewal. Inside every organ, the dead cells are eliminated and new ones replace them. The aging process is related to an imbalance between the process of degradation and the process of reconstruction.  

Dietary supplements
Dietary supplements are part of preventive medicine and preserving well-being. A dietary supplement is a nutritional foodstuff which complements a normal diet. It is therefore not a medication. It is not used to heal an illness but to give the body the needed nutrients to function at its best, and to slow down the destruction of cells or accelerate their renewal.  

What are the effects of dietary supplements ?
Dietary supplements allow the considerable improvement of everyone’s life, with the focus on: :
  • Acting on the exterior signs of aging
  • Maintaining the intellectual functions of memory, concentration, reflection
  • Allowing quality sleep
  • Preserving our vital organs (heart, lungs, kidneys)
  • Stimulating our immune system
  • Maintaining our lean muscle masse
  • Keeping a fulfilling sex life
who is concerned   Who cares about this?
CREDOC (Center for Research for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions) which regularly conducts studies on the nutritional behavior of French people, has shown in a recent study that less than 5% of the French surveyed follow the recommended nutritional sources.
At what age should one begin to care?
The consumption of nutrients essential to the proper functioning of the body has a strong prevention aspect, so it is advisable to address this need rather early, but most particularly beginning at ages 35~40, in order to preserve one’s health assets.  
How to take these? For maintenance or cure?
A very important fact: carefully respect the suggested dosage. We base the recommended dosage upon the latest research data. It is important to follow it for an optimal effect. one should consume the supplements over several months to effect a cure.        
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