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Our Story

The Laboratoires Legan were created from the vision of a pharmaceutical doctor, Doctor Angel, who developed this line of natural dietary supplements. He dreamed of providing these products to the men and women he saw in his pharmacy practice every day. Doctor Angel wanted this brand to reflect the values that are important to him: Efficiency, Simplicity and Social commitment:
Efficiency: For every health benefit (anti-oxidation, sleep, fat-burning,…), Doctor Angel created a product  containing only the most relevant nutrients according to:
  • Long-running studies regarding vitamins, plants, and micronutrients;
  • The beneficial experiences by thousands of patients who tried his recommended products;
  • The innovations from several trustworthy players in the dietary supplement industry;
  • The latest clinical studies published by research laboratories around the world.

Simplicity: Convinced that the plethora of product lines of existing brands were essentially marketing tools, Dr. Angel developed a short line of products and, for each health benefit, proposed a unique product.

Social commitment:
  • Dr. Angel promotes prevention of illness and maintenance of good health through the use of his dietary supplements;
  • Laboratoires Legan manufacture all their products in France;
  • Environmentally conscious Laboratoires Legan use natural ingredients.

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