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Dr Michaël Angel


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Interview of Dr Michael Angel

Dr. Michaël Angel who are you ?
I have always been passionate about vitamins, herbs and trace elements. I believe that nature is well done, and most remedies can be foundthere. In 1999, I began my studies in pharmacy, I explored in parallel the beneficial effects of plants. In early 2005, I went to Canada to pursue my studies at the naturopathic college in Toronto.Upon graduation from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris, I headed to South America on a journey of observation and work for a year. I studied herbs while familiarizing myself with local traditional medicines. On my return, I wanted to understand the needs and expectations of women and men in terms of natural health, I took over and developed a pharmacy located at 43 rue du Temple in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. I think I have become a good neighborhood pharmacist: attached to the close ties that I weave with my clients and striving on their behalf to find a solution to their small and big daily hassles.
YOU RUN A pharmacy AND today, YOU CREATE a LINE of dietary supplements. Yet, IT is not the same job, IS IT?
I am not attached to my pharmacy but to my clients.! Since ancient times, apothecaries have deciphered symptoms and concocted remedies. Today our preparations are much more scientifically based, however, the desire to find an effective solution for each hassle remains the same throughout the ages . In recent years, I have observed the increasing commercialization of dietary supplements of various qualities, along with business and marketing activities that are incompatible with my ethical principles. The goal to provide my clients with dietary supplements for which I can assure efficiency and quality at 100%, has been the leitmotif for developing my own line.

You then deduced that all dietary supplements are of poor quality ?
I do not say that. I hope that the greatest number of laboratories do this job with passion and above the highest ethical standards. Alas, I can not guarantee it. Nonetheless, I realized that it was possible to create a line of natural and effective dietary supplements, which I can guarantee at a very affordable price source.

How did you create your LINE OF dietary SUPPLEMENTS ?
I based them on the five questions my pharmacy customers ask me every day, trying to provide them with fair and natural answers. Namely:
  • What should I take to have more energy?
  • How do I look good ?
  • How do I refine my silhouette ?
  • How do I maintain my mental and emotional balance ?
  • How do I boost my daily life?

Which solutions do you offer ?
The body contains molecules and trace elements with various powers. Sometimes it is enough to increase the dosage of a substance already present in the body to get the expected result. I worked for two years to synthesize my scientific knowledge, the results experienced by my clients, the latest technological innovations and the relevant clinical trials. For each of the most important problems experienced by my clients, I formulated the dietary supplement that I considered the most effective. Our products are 100% natural. Did you know that nature has a 5-billion year history? Chemistry, which is based on drugs, is only 200 years old. This gives a very important head start to “Mother Nature” , don’t you think ? . LLP
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